About Us

7/2/19 UPDATE!

Thank you to our customers who continue to support our small business! We are in the process of updating our web address and email addresses.

Our new website is EngraveLafayette.com and the new email address for all inquiries and orders is orders@EngraveLafayette.com. This new domain really doesn’t change much but we’re hoping that we miss fewer emails due to spelling errors:) We will continue to redirect emails and website traffic from the old addresses for at least a year.

2 Year UPDATE!

We have hit another milestone, 2 years under new ownership! It has been so great to continue to work with our loyal customers throughout our second year at Schug Awards. We continue to grow and add new and exciting products frequently. If you haven’t stopped by the shop in a while, you should! We regularly hear “I had no idea you make all this stuff! I thought you only made trophies!”

We offer so many new and unique gift options for all occasions. We have everything from Christmas ornaments to personalized wine tumblers to baby gifts. Stopping by the shop is the best way to see it all. We would love to offer everything for order online but every order is custom made for you so there is not an easy way to offer it at the click of a button. If you can’t make it to the store, we can work with you through email to bring your vision to life.

Thank you to all of our customers for a great year! We appreciate every one of you!

-Jennifer Thompson

First Year Update:

We have hit the one year mark under new ownership and we want to thank all of our amazing customers for making the transition so awesome. Our first year was fantastic and we could not have done it without our loyal customers. We also want to thank Sharon Schug! She has been so helpful and wonderful to work with during this transition. We’re moving on to year two with hopes of adding more new & exciting gifts items and eventually some online shopping. If you haven’t been by the store in the last several months, stop in to see all of the updates!

Previous post:

My name is Jennifer Thompson and my husband is Aron. Together, we will be keeping the Schug Awards legacy alive while updating and revitalizing this incredible local business. We know that Schug Awards is so successful because it was started by a local family that really cares about this community. Sharon and Pete Schug built this business out of their basement and it has grown to what is today because of their hard work and community involvement. As a lifelong Lafayette resident, I am excited to continue Schug Awards with the same principles and level of community involvement that have made it a household name in the Greater Lafayette area.

While the personal and reliable customer service that makes shopping locally so awesome will continue, you will notice some changes right from the start in other areas. First, we are tracking orders, invoices and payments in a new system so you will have the option to get your invoices on paper or through email.

You can reach us all of the ways you used to but we now also accept orders by email at orders@schugawards.com.

We are working on promoting new products and services online and through social media – so please follow us!! Visit the website frequently and you will find new products available for purchase online in the coming months.

We have painted the showroom and we are making improvements daily to update the look and feel of the store so make sure to stop in to see it!

We have a board promoting other local businesses so if you own or operate a local business and have pamphlets, business cards or other materials you would like added to the display, please let us know!

We would love to hear feedback from our customers about anything you would like to see done a little differently or if there is something you love about Schug that you would never want us to change.

Thank you so much for being a loyal customer and we are looking forward to continuing a great relationship with you as Schug Awards by Thompson Works!